1st November 2013 - Tea Day in Japan- marked the First Serving of the Opata Estate Silver Jubilee Oolong in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Shangri-La Tokyo hosted The Afternoon Tea Club to a journey of discovery in tea, celebrating with a selection of esoteric teas including Dilmah'sUva Seasonal Flush 2013.

Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando's younger son, Dilhan shared his family's love of tea, with a tasting of tea. The journey began with teas from Ceylon's famous Dimbula Valley, with Dilmah Brilliant Breakfast, comparing the different character and intensity of tea from Ceylon, from India's Darjeeling and Assam regions. The journey continued through Ceylon with a selection of teas from Merrill J. Fernando's very personal Watte Teas, from the light, bright and delicate Ran Watte through the brisk, bright and bold UdaWatte, the malty MedaWatte from Dilmah'sDoombagastalawa Estate and finally the earthy, richness of YataWatte from Endane Estate.
Guests at the event were presented an exotic finale in the form of two of the world's finest teas starting with the sublime Opata Estate Silver Jubilee Oolong, exemplifying perfection in the art of teamaking in a fruity, refined and wonderfully aromatic Oolong produced as a tribute to the company's founder, on the 25th Anniversary of Dilmah. Finally the Uva Seasonal Flush 2013, harvested just weeks prior.

The Uva Season is a fleeting phenomenon that beautifully and tastefully expresses the significance of Nature in perfecting tea that is made in the traditional, artisanal manner. A light seasonal, eucalyptus note danced across the palate of guests at the event, the result of the dry and chill winds that conditioned the tea plants on one estate in the Uva Valley for a few days.

A spectacular tea, yet outdone for most by the fragrance of truffles from the very rare Opata Estate Silver Jubilee Oolong. The teas were paired with Chef Naoya Okamura's classic afternoon tea cakes and savouries, with the elegant harmony in the Silver Jubilee Oolong and simple cheesecake the favoured marriage of the afternoon.

Dilhan shared with guests the indulgent luxury in tea made in the artisanal manner offers. Handpicked and handmade from the moment the two leaves and bud are handpicked, the aroma, flavour, texture and strength of each tea entirely the creation of Nature. Dilmah's Silver Jubilee Oolong is made from the tender bud of the tea plant camellia sinensis, producing an exotic experience on the eye, the nose and the palate.

The Shangri-La Tokyo will offer the Opata Estate Silver Jubilee Oolong and Uva Seasonal Flush 2013 for a limited time, celebrating Tea Day and the First Serving of these rare, fine teas.

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