The fragrance of tea enveloped the spectacular Pacific Restaurant & Lounge as the Ritz Carlton Jakarta, the Bulgari Milan and Dilmah Tea presented tea and tea gastronomy at an indulgent and stylish event. Epitome of Modern Italian cuisine, Chef Andrea Ferrero of Bulgari Milan joined Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando's son Dilhan, Karim Tayach and Patrick Weder of the Ritz Carlton, in presenting guests with a glittering tea inspired evening. Dilmah Tea inspired cocktails preceded a five course menu that began with a Torchon of Foie Gras with Dilmah Ceylon Souchong. This tea is unique, being produced by gently smoking the rolled and lightly oxidized tea from Dilmah's Rilhena Tea Estate. Cinnamon is used for smoking which is done over 3 days, producing a milder tea than the Chinese Lapsang Souchong. A Ceylon Souchong Tea Jelly added complexity and texture to the foie gras centered composition.
Chef Andrea continued his exploration of tea with a Dilmah Sencha steamed green tea, Seaweed and Herb salad, a Jerusalem Artichoke Cream soup with Dilmah First Ceylon Oolong and a main course of Chilean Seabass with Dilmah Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea Risotto.

A highlight of the menu was Chef Andrea's Iced Tea Salad of supercooled Dilmah UVA Seasonal Flush 2012 made into cold droplets, literally iced tea, presented with Pistachio Parfait and Red Fruit Meringue. The drops of iced Seasonal Flush Tea were served on a chilled platter and melted on the tongue to produce what Chef Andrea calls tea that you can eat, and at the same time also drink.

Served with the iced tea salad was a bright and medium bodied Ceylon Tea grown at 4,500 feet above sea level and lightly infused with lychee, almond and rose. In aroma, character and taste, a sophisticated finale to an indulgent evening.

Andrea Ferrero's emphasis on using different teas to complement or enhance the flavours in his dishes presented the importance of tea as a culinary ingredient. Dilhan Fernando further explained the very natural function of tea in gastronomy, as an aid to digestion and a healthy ingredient with a variety of flavours and textures that perfectly complement any cuisine.
Dilmah is a family tea company, established by Merrill J. Fernando, who is known for having devoted his life to tea. He is also known as the tea grower who fought and overcame the stranglehold that multinational corporations had on his country's tea crop. He was the first tea grower to launch his own tea brand - grown, perfected and packed at origin in Sri Lanka.

In his commitment to genuine fair trade and integrity in business, Merrill J. Fernando built his business around family values, which are embodied in his commitment to making Dilmah a business that is also a matter of human service. Earnings from the sale of Dilmah Tea in nearly 100 countries worldwide, fund the work of the Dilmah Family's MJF Charitable Foundation and Dilmah Conservation

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