2nd August 2013, Colombo, Sri Lanka- The Dilmah Tea Gastronomy Challenge starts today as a part of Culinary Art 2013 organised by the Chefs Guild of Sri Lanka at the BMICH Convention Centre. The Challenge was initiated by Dilmah to help young Chefs understand the potential and versatility of tea as a natural ingredient and as an accompaniment to food.

Twenty teams from some of Sri Lanka's top hospitality venues comprising chef and apprentice will showcase their culinary genius at combining Dilmah Tea and fine cuisine. The Dilmah Tea Gastronomy Challenge is endorsed by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS). President of WACS Chef Gissur Gudmundsson is one of the judges.

Culinary Art, now in its 15th year is identified as one of the world's leading food and hospitality trade shows where over 2600 chefs representing 132 hospitality venues in the country will showcase their culinary skills. Since its inception in 1988, Culinary Art offers a platform for upcoming chefs to display their creations and chefs will compete in 23 different categories ranging from appetizers, five-course set dinners, artistic pastry showpieces, hot and cold finger food, Sri Lankan cuisine and Dilmah Tea inspired gastronomy. 
This year, young chefs will showcase their exemplary culinary capabilities by creating Dilmah Tea inspired cuisine and beverages and present a winning combination that should ideally balance tea and gastronomy. Dilmah was amongst the first tea companies to embark on an exploration of tea in gastronomy with the Dilmah Tea Gastronomy initiative which began in 1999 and has since grown into Tea Mixology, Real High Tea Challenge, the Chefs and the Teamaker and other concepts that have taken fine Ceylon Tea beyond the cup.

Dilmah Tea has a long standing association with Culinary Art and is using this platform to create awareness amongst the hospitality sector on the benefits of using tea as a key ingredient in cuisine and in mixology. The event will also demonstrate the variety in tea and the possibilities that are available for culinary professionals when using tea as an ingredient in cuisine.The team comprising of chef and apprentice will be given one hour to present tea infused savouries and sweet items as well as mocktails and cocktails and will vie for gold, silver and bronze medals to be presented during a star studded finale. Dilmah is offering ten varieties from its t-Series Designer Gourmet Range and the four signature teas from the Watte Single Region selection, for participants to use in their winning recipes.

Black Hat and WACS reference Chef Bernd Uber, chief of judges at the global Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge, together with 35 other distinguished judges will taste, analyse and advice the cream of Sri Lanka's aspirants on how to craft and present award winning cuisine. 

The judges ' some of the world's finest chefs - were hosted by Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando and son Dilhan for tea inspired cocktails at the t-Lounge on Chatham Street by Dilmah. The t-Lounge is the latest venture by Dilmah in their efforts to offer a real tea experience to the 21st century tea drinker.

Culinary Art 2013 is currently in progress at the BMICH and will continue until August 5.

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