SIAL Innovation Paris 2018 is focusing on new, authentic and sustainable taste experiences. The criteria emphasise natural food and beverage, provenance, safety and sustainability. The finalists are chosen by a prestigious, global jury of innovation scouts including Chefs, Food Media, Hospitality and Culinary professionals, as well as Innovation and Retail experts. This year the judges chose two Dilmah products as part of the SIAL Innovation Paris 2018 Selection, with Dilmah Natural Infusions - Red Rooibos with Moringa, Chilli, Cocoa and Cardamom - being selected in the Consumer Goods category and Dilmah Elixir of Ceylon Tea chosen in both Consumer Goods and Foodservice Categories. These Dilmah products will be featured in the SIAL Innovation Observatory during SIAL Paris from 21st to 25th October.

Dilmah is a family tea company established by its Founder Merrill J. Fernando with an emphasis on Taste, Goodness and Purpose. Dilmah is amongst the top 10 tea brands in the world, and maintains an uncompromising commitment to quality, freshness and its unique philosophy of making business a matter of human service. Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando was recently felicitated by the International Chamber of Commerce Sri Lanka as one of 3 of Sri Lanka's Most Admired Leaders whilst the company was honoured as one of the country's Most Admired.

Born from a teamaker's commitment to tradition and quality as well as to purity of origin in tea, Dilmah is recognized for the innovation that the brand has brought to tea, adding allure to a category that has been corroded by commoditisation and a lack of authenticity. Dilmah innovations include its efforts with tea gastronomy and mixology with its 8 year global Real High Tea Challenge evolving this year to Afternoon Tea for the 21st Century. The company's t-Lounges express the uniqueness of tea for a new generation, celebrating the natural herb with an innovative beverage and food offering. Dilmah has been honoured for its commitment to sustainability and the work of its founder’s MJF Charitable Foundation and its environmental equivalent, Dilmah Conservation. Both use earnings from Dilmah Tea to deliver positive humanitarian and environmental interventions, on the principle that business has an obligation to addressing poverty, inequality, supporting climate change adaptation, and sustainability generally.
Dilmah will exhibit at SIAL 2018 on Stand No. 5B M 280.

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