05 companies of the MJF Group; MJF Holdings Limited, MJF Exports Ltd, Ceylon Tea Services PLC, MJF Teas (Pvt) Ltd, Dilmah Fine Teas and Herbs (Pvt) Ltd have been awarded the certificate for ISO 14001:2004. The certification is effective from December 2013 and is annually renewable through an accredited certification body. For the current year, certification was awarded by DNV - Sri Lanka, which is an internationally renowned certification agency.

ISO 14001 is a set of criteria set out for an environmental management system. This standard sets out a framework for organizations to follow and strive towards improving environmental performance. This standard is used by all organizations regardless of its activity or sector. ISO 14001, provides assurances to the company management and employees as well as external stakeholders that the environmental impact is being measured and improved thus assisting in achieving economical goals.
Dilmah and all companies of the MJF Group have pledged our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection since inception, and through the programmes being carried out by Dilmah Conservation, we have demonstrated our commitment to conservation of Sri Lanka's environmental resources. Dilmah Conservation operates beyond the purview of achieving the bottom line of economic, social and environmental sustainability. However, a decision was made to get an external certification in order to evaluate its environmental performance.

Under the overall goal of maintaining a proper environmental management system, all aspects of the environment, which includes land, water, air, natural resource consumption, energy use, implications on ozone layer as well as climate change have been addressed.  In compliance with the ISO 14001 guidelines, pollution prevention, continual improvement of environmental performance and legal compliance have been the key to all the initiatives embarked on.

Measures Implemented
The Internal waste management system was streamlined and all the waste generated within the premise is segregated, and systems have been brought in to place for reducing, reusing and recycling. The manner in which the tea waste has been put to effective use is noteworthy. A two stage programme has been designed in this regard; in the first stage, composting of the tea waste at the Dilmah Conservation Sustainable Agriculture Centre - DCSARC and during the second phase , research has been carried out to produce biochar, which is a soil amendment and an atmospheric carbon sequester. Upon successful trials, it is envisaged to convert refused tea into biochar on a commercial scale.  Further, many items which falls into the non - biodegradable category have been reused at DCSARC for developing vertical agricultural models.
Efforts to reduce energy consumption have been put in place through awareness programmes for staff members. In addition, a 100 kW solar energy system was installed, being the first step of using renewable energy.  This solar energy system is performing beyond its anticipated capacity.

A waste water treatment plant has been further improved in order to treat the effluent generated at the Peliyagoda Factory and reuse the water. Several other programmes are being implemented with the objective of reducing packaging waste, achieving energy conservation targets and optimising water use.
Further, carbon footprint estimation has been carried out in order to identify the areas for further improving energy use. An energy audit has been planned as well, and together with the outcome of the carbon footprint study, more energy use optimisation programmes will be introduced.

Pollution control and waste reduction as well as emission offsetting mechanisms are key in ensuring the commitment to environmental management. We will continue to work towards improving the impact on the environment through comprehensive compliance audits and a variety of monitoring activities in all sectors as per our commitment to the environment.

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