The t-Lounge by Dilmah, an upscale location designed with the hopes of providing their guests with a place to relax and appreciate the fine art of tea, recently launched their range of liquor-infused chai on 3 February at the t-lounge at One Galle Face, by the Founder of Dilmah Merrill J. Fernando, along with his son Dilhan C. Fernando. This specially curated and concocted armada of chai will feature arrack, rum and gin infused in the tea. 

Speaking at the event, an experienced tea maker and grower Dilhan C. Fernando explained that the t-Lounge by Dilmah is unique, in that their emphasis on tea is founded on their passionate commitment as tea growers and a family business. 
Tea cocktails and mocktails enhance the appeal of fine tea made in the traditional artisanal manner, and tea mixology is the art of combining nature’s most indulgent herbal beverage with other ingredients to produce tea inspired cocktails, mocktails, and shooters to produce harmony on one’s palate. Mixology with tea, however, is even more demanding on the expertise and commitment of the tea mixologist because it requires an understanding of the unique identity of each tea, which is an art the t-lounge by Dilmah has perfected. Guests at the event had the pleasure of witnessing their expert tea mixologist infuse these chai with a herbal touch and liquor. 

Uniquely Sri Lankan 

Fernando also commented that this collection of chai is the debut of a uniquely Sri Lankan combination; cinnamon infused tea. He went on to add that Sri Lankan cinnamon is rich in nutrients and lists the health benefits to be immense. Ceylon cinnamon, which is the most natural form of cinnamon that grows in Sri Lanka, has antioxidants and also contributes to anti-inflammatory properties. One of the key factors of cinnamon that Fernando touched on was that it lowers blood sugar levels and has a powerful anti-diabetic effect. 

“Sri Lankans have an enormous love for chai, but it is not necessarily the healthiest option. We wanted to give them something they could enjoy, without the guilt of being unhealthy. The sweetness of the tea comes from the kithul, scientifically proven to bypass the body, and cinnamon, which again benefits one’s health,” explained Fernando. 

Preserving traditions 

The cinnamon infused chai at the event was served alongside scones; but the unique twist to these scones was that they were prepared with a recipe that is exclusive to t-lounge by Dilmah. These scones in particular resembled a slice of pie and are made with Ceylon cinnamon and jaggery, which again has many health benefits, in the sense that it does not contribute to one’s sugar levels. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this dish was the jaggery butter that was served alongside it; balancing just the right amount of sweetness, with an interesting texture, the butter complemented the soft scones flawlessly. For someone looking for a boozy touch in their dish, t-lounge by Dilmah offers these scones with an arrack and jaggery infused butter on the side as well. 

Commenting on why they chose to prepare these scones with kithul jaggery instead of sugar, Fernando explained: “Here at Dilmah, we chose to give new life to Sri Lankan tradition. The art of kithul tapping is a dying tradition in our country, and we saw the potential in it.” He added that they went on to improve the livelihoods of artisans in the kithul industry by infusing it in their food, and also promoting the rich culture of Sri Lanka. Their main aim with this venture was to bring together a 2000 year old practice of kithul extraction with the celebrated tea industry. 

You can experience this culinary fusion of teas at the t-lounge by Dilmah at One Galle Face Mall. 

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