No. 100, Horton Place. An iconic address, and one that you will not forget. January saw the launch of t-Lounge by Dilmah’s largest and most versatile outlet yet. Coinciding with the landmark 20th anniversary of the launch of the first ever t-Lounge by Dilmah, the new outlet offers a unique tea-inspired experience that supersedes what the outfit has previously offered.

20 years ago, Dilhan C. Fernando, took his father's vision to new heights with the launch of the first t-Lounge by Dilmah - a ground-breaking tea + culinary experience unheard and unseen anywhere in Sri Lanka at the time, setting the bar for what the future of tea should be. And now, on the landmark 20th anniversary of that first big step, t-Lounge by Dilmah christened their largest, most ambitious outlet yet, with a personal high tea experience for the Dilmah Family.

The vision is to give patrons the ultimate tea and culinary experience which would not only involve the creation of a plethora of tea-based beverages, but the curation of a food menu that complements the exquisiteness of Ceylon Tea as well. Hence was born the concept of tea-pairing, a previously unheard of and unexperienced phenomenon on this tea-producing little island, now pioneered by t-Lounge by Dilmah.

A glance at the t-Lounge’s menu gives one an idea of how each hot tea, iced tea, tea mocktail, t-Shake, chai, tea-infused hot chocolate, or other brew – all of which are concocted at the in-house tea bar – has been thoughtfully paired to match the specific flavour and experience of a particular dish. What is more, if you ask for the new Signature Hot Tea Service, your tea is served with an enhancement tray that includes sweeteners, spices and other condiments that allow you to customise your tea to suit your palate or mood.

What the new outlet at No.100, Horton Place offers, though, goes well beyond this tea-inspired culinary experience. With plenty of parking space, the spacious two-storey location spoils guests with several seating options to play around with. Apart from the conventional dining floors that are available across both storeys of the relaxing mid-century, tropical-style interior, the garden café area allows guests to enjoy a meal or cuppa while revelling in a soothing outdoor ambience. This can also be booked for private events and functions. Another space that can be reserved for parties, hangouts or gatherings of any kind is the Moroccan Teahouse, a gorgeous spot that draws inspiration from the North African Maghreb aesthetics while rousing a truly international tea affair.

Designed towards and inspired by the original disruptor of the tea industry Merrill J. Fernando himself, the Teamaker’s Study is an exclusive, stimulating co-working space that can be used for meetings, presentations, group studies, brainstorming and everything in between. Roping in art culture and creativity into the already enchanting space, the outlet also has provision for conducting art- and performing arts-related shows, programs, and workshops in the form of its t-Studio.

The Dessert Bar is fast becoming everyone’s favourite nook. With a cosy space to sit around and enjoy your sweet treats in, the myriad of colourful and eye-catching desserts that are always on display entice t-Lounge guests and passers-by alike. From decadent Chocolate Bombs to luscious Mocha Domes, Matcha Cakes, Strawberry Tarts, cakes and so much more, there are flavours and textures that are sure to put a smile on each and everyone’s face.

But perhaps the space that offers the most unique and innovative experience is the t-Lab. Here, t-Lounge by Dilmah will carry out pre-arranged Tea Masterclasses – comprehensive crash courses on tea history, tea brewing and the art of tea tasting. With the “Ultimate Ceylon Tea Experience,” guests would also be able to order teas from Dilmah’s exclusive range of limited-edition Rare Teas that are cultivated under special, specific conditions and are brought straight from Dilmah’s own estates and into your cup. It certainly is the ultimate tea experience one could wish for.

And if you are someone who likes to dabble in a bit of history and background on Ceylon tea as well as the Dilmah Tea Company and the work they do through the MJF Charitable Foundation and Biodiversity programs, take some time to go through the detailed timeline mural located on the upper floor. The friendly staff are more than willing to link you to further information sources, including Dilmah’s very own publications, to feed your curiosity and interest.

The retail area offers the opportunity to pick and purchase your favourite teas from its much-loved t-Series Designer Gourmet Teas. There are plenty of pre-packed or customised gift boxes and tea accessories such as modern tea infusers, tea timers, tea presses, mugs and 21st century tea-ware that enable you to go beyond your visit and share an enhanced tea experience with family and friends. Speaking of friends, a quirky spot in the form of The Nineteas space has been specifically designed for those who like to click away – in front of or behind the camera lens. To say it in today’s terminology, it is indeed a very Instagram-able spot with a fun and nostalgic 90’s backdrop for selfies, group photos, posts, and stories.

Of course, t-Lounge by Dilmah is constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of tea inspired innovations. So, while the entire outlet at Horton Place has been thoughtfully designed and decorated to give guests an experience that is as much a treat for the eyes and mind as it is for the palate.

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