Ethical tea brand Dilmah, has won the palates and hearts of consumers in Australia and New Zealand, with their recent recognition as one of the most Trusted Brands. Dilmah was first launched by founder Merrill J. Fernando, in Australia over 33 years ago, shortly followed by New Zealand. Back home in Sri Lanka, Dilmah has been ranked amongst the 20 Most Respected Entities in Sri Lanka by a Nielsen Survey for LMD Business Magazine, and #1 in the Food and Beverage Category.

New Zealanders have voted Dilmah their Most Trusted Tea Brand 6 years in a row, in the Reader’s Digest survey, an indicator of consumer trust for the past 21 years. In Australia, Dilmah was voted as one of the most Trusted Brands in 2020 just months after its natural infusions were chosen Product of the Year 2020 in a survey of over 10,000 Australians.

Dilmah maintains a commitment to Taste, Goodness and Purpose, fulfilling Founder Merrill J. Fernando’s commitment to Quality and Integrity. Consumer trust is connected with authenticity, where products come from, and just as importantly, how the brands they support are giving back. This deeper story of tea is evident in everything Dilmah does, whether it’s the broad reach of their MJF Charitable Foundation or via Dilmah Conservation, both supported entirely through the pre-tax profits of Dilmah Tea. It is the most sustainable form of business, and by maintaining commitment to quality, handpicked tea, and sharing their success with the less fortunate, Dilmah not only ensures the livelihood of the families who rely on the tea industry, they are ensuring a consistent quality for tea lovers too.

Trust means a lot to a brand that is relatively young in a very old industry, counting just over 33 years in existence. Founder of Dilmah has fronted the TV ads for years with his personal guarantee of quality, where it seems the gentle invitation of “Do Try It” has struck a chord with New Zealanders and Australians as they too have adopted Dilmah as a local brand. The recognition the brand has received as being among the Most Respected in Sri Lanka, validates the founder’s commitment to making business a matter of human service.

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