Dubai; September 23rd, 2017; Tea is the beverage of choice for the entire Arab region. So much so that tea ranks second only to water as the most consumed drink among residents. According to reports, UAE consumes over than 19000 kilos daily. The country, expectedly, has become the biggest importer of tea with amounts ranging over 83,000 tonnes annually. Chosen to symbolize the richness of the 150-year heritage of Ceylon Tea, Dilmah announces the UAE launch of a rare blend of tea – ‘Seasonal flush’. Due to the fleeting climatic conditions that made this tea possible, also makes it very rare, and weighs just 12 kgs, just enough for 250 tin caddies of the Craighead Estate Seasonal Flush.

This Craighead Estate 150th anniversary Orange Pekoe Extra Special, was first tasted with President of Worldchefs, Thomas Gugler and is now launched at the t-Lounge by Dilmah in Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Mall by Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando and t-Lounge partner Ramiz Raja.

During the launch, Mr. Fernando stated that, ‘At Dilmah, we constantly strive to enhance our consumer experience by introducing new selections of tea. Seasonal flush is one of our rare products and we are delighted to launch it in the UAE, where tea is such an integral part of the culture. The booming economy and diverse cultural makeup of the country makes it an ideal market to launch an exceptional product like the Seasonal Flush. We aspire to touch the hearts of the avid tea drinkers across the country with our latest selection of tea and endeavor to give them an experience like no other.”

The teas will be offered at Dilmah t-Lounges around the world in limited quantity, and on the Dilmah Online Tea Boutique. It is a tribute to the historic Ceylon Tea Industry, being pure and solely the product of the favorable influence of nature and the artisanship of expert tea pickers, tea makers and tasters. However, it is also rare, but a true pleasure and luxury.

“Handpicked artisanal teas are wonderfully blessed with the fingerprint of nature, as their aroma, taste and flavour are crafted by nature herself. On the eye, nose and palate, the character of fine tea is shaped by soil, rain, wind, temperature and sunshine. Amidst those however there is very occasionally a tea that is very, very special. It is the result of a specific and rare natural phenomenon. On Craighead Estate, at 1,000 meters above sea level and amidst the Gini Ella waterfall and Ceylon Clove, Nutmeg, Pepper and other spices, a very unique tea was nurtured by Nature on 22nd April 2017,” added Mr. Dilhan C. Fernando, Director, Dilmah.

This tea is handmade with great care, just the most tender bud, where the natural goodness and aromatics in fine tea are most prominent, and first leaf. Picked at dawn from a partially shaded field at 1,100 meters above sea level, the tea is withered for 12 hours and gently rolled in a special method, designed to protect the delicacy of nature’s influence on the bud and leaf in aroma, taste and character.

This unique seasonal tea has beautiful form, with the bud adding golden highlights to the wiry, rolled leaf. Preparation is an experience, yielding a complex floral fragrance with cedar, rose and plum aromas and a perfect coppery infusion. The liquor is reminiscent of a southern sunset, dark orange glowing with the brightness of the tea. This is a gentle tea, complex and expressive of the unique weather conditions that formed its personality. Fruity at first, it evolves on the palate with floral, woody and herbal notes and a lingering finish. A serene tea that extends its gentle character with a soft texture and refined and predominantly fruity flavours.

The Dilmah t-Lounge was first conceptualized in 2003 and the first ever outlet opened in in Colombo. Dilmah currently supplies its teas to premium hospitality and retail customers including Emirates Airline. The brand has a presence in over 100 countries, and is currently serving its very special handmade teas to UAE’s tea enthusiasts.

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