In this restless age, we tend to cling to tradition for solace, and few rituals are as comforting as brewing and savouring that perfect cup of tea.

How many brands genuinely understand the importance of tea, though?

A brand that has won the palates and hearts of many is Dilmah, which hails from the tea-growing nation of Sri Lanka. This country is so closely associated with the beverage that its former name – Ceylon – has become synonymous with some of the finest tea leaves in the world.

With such provenance, you can be sure Dilmah is steeped in rich tradition. Its expertise also lies in handling tea – from sustainable growing and hand-picking to freshly packing at the source. All this, so you get quality in every product bearing its name.


To understand Dilmah, we have to go back to its beginnings. In 1985, Sri Lankan tea grower Merrill J Fernando founded the brand and named it after his two sons, Dilhan and Malik.

Now the company’s chairman, Mr Fernando has shaped the business based on family values – one that is focused on treating people and nature with kindness while producing fine, ethical and sustainable single-origin and pure Ceylon tea.

Adhering to his pledge, 15 per cent of Dilmah’s pre-tax profits go to less privileged people and environmental causes through initiatives by the MJF Charitable Foundation and the company’s environmental sustainability arm, Dilmah Conservation. The foundation also empowers local communities by teaching valuable skills and supports small businesses with entrepreneurship programmes.

As a standard-bearer of Sri Lankan excellence in the tea market, Dilmah understands that its reputation is forged by the country’s unique terroir. To protect the land, the company prioritises sustainable practices, invests in climate-smart agricultural techniques and strives to minimise its environmental impact.

Founded on an enduring connection to Sri Lanka’s land and people, Dilmah is committed to ethical and sustainable tea production.

The result is a better cup of tea for everyone – one where each sip speaks volumes of exquisite taste, antioxidant goodness and the care shown towards the planet and its people. After all, the Dilmah promise is to make the world a better tea.

When it comes to sustainability, the company has gone the distance, too. It achieved carbon-neutral status in 2020, while Dilmah Conservation continues to manage green projects. These include the creation of eco-friendly tea gardens, a nature corridor linking two separate forest reserves, and the Dilmah Conservation Centre for Climate Change Research and Adaptation – Sri Lanka’s first private sector-led exercise to study and research climate change.


When Mr Fernando started Dilmah, the tea world was mainly in the hands of large corporations. He wanted to change the commoditisation of the product and show the world what tea could be if it were produced with care and artistry.

So, what sets Dilmah, the first producer-owned tea brand, apart?

Its plantations are set within Sri Lanka’s tea country, giving the leaves extraordinary flavour. The crop is lovingly cultivated across Dilmah’s estates and tended to with techniques refined over the years.

When ready to be harvested, the tea is expertly picked by nimble hands, never by machine. It is later packed at the source to preserve its flavour, aroma and antioxidants.

Finally, every product is unblended. When you buy Dilmah, you can rest assured that you know precisely where your cup of tea comes from.


Today, you will find a wide selection of Dilmah teas readily available at supermarkets and grocery stores, including the more popular ranges such as Natural Infusions, Gourmet Tea, Exceptionals and Vivid Tea Selection.

Classic tea lovers will find it hard to say “no” to Dilmah Earl Grey. With a malty richness set against lightly floral bergamot, this elegant single-origin tea is perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up paired with a slice of cake.

Those who want something punchier will appreciate Dilmah’s English Breakfast. Using leaves from the Dimbula Valley in Sri Lanka, the tea is bright, strong and full of character – a fine cuppa to wake up to in the morning.

Need time out to focus and centre your thoughts? Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine might be just the thing for a hectic day. The sensual sweetness of the flower combines beautifully with the calming, meditative quality of green tea to restore peace of mind.

For a taste of Sri Lanka in a cup, try Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea. With leaves hailing from the Central Highlands, the medium-strength brew deftly balances rich brightness and deep flavour – enough to make anyone fall in love with tea all over again.

Find out more about brewing a cup of quality at home with Dilmah and how you can support the company’s sustainability initiatives.

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