This is especially for the tea lovers among us. When we go for mamak, tea is for sure one of the popular drink orders (hi teh ais, teh tarik and teh o’ ais). Those passionate about their teas will notice the aromas, notes and flavours certain tea leaves give off.

You can find us Malaysians having tea just about any time the day, whether it’s during breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner and even supper.

Did you know that there are specific teas that go really well with certain foods? Well, we’re spilling the tea on everything you need to know about tea pairing, thanks to the peeps at Dilmah Tea who have done the hard work. Scroll for the different types of teas that are best paired with your food and will make your taste buds flutter.

Green Tea

Within the green tea family, there are different tastes that you might get depending on what kind of green tea you’re drinking. The most common notes are vegetative, fruity and smoky flavours and as you’d notice, they’re all entirely different.

Dilmah’s top three green teas are jasmine green tea, sencha green tea and Moroccan mint green tea.

Jasmine green tea has a fruity, fragrant aroma. It’s best enjoyed with steamed fish cooked with minced garlic and bird’s eye chili. Steamed fish can be packed with flavour so pairing it with a fruity tea like jasmine can bring out the freshness of the fish.

Sencha green tea is also known as Japanese green tea and it has a distinctive vegetative flavour. No surprise that it’s known to pair well with sashimi and green, creamy salads. Since Sencha green tea has a vegetative flavour, it brings out the taste of sashimi in a way that doesn’t feel too overpowering.

Moroccan mint green tea is great for those who want a lighter green tea flavour note as it’s refreshing to drink! It’s best had with chocolate-flavoured desserts because it doesn’t compete too much with the richness of chocolate. After having your rich chocolate-y dessert, cleanse your palate with peppermint and spearmint teas. These minty teas also go really well with chocolate desserts.

Black Tea

You’ll probably have tried this type of tea. Black teas tend to have a strong flavour that’s finely balanced. It’ll wake you up when you need a little caffeine boost! Dilmah’s Black Tea is divided into premium black teas and English breakfast tea.

The English breakfast tea is, as the same suggests, perfect for breakfast! It’s a tea that has strength in its caffeine level and has a certain character. It’ll go well with our essential brekkie, nasi lemak.

Flavoured Black Tea

Black teas also come in many different flavours like earl grey, lemon, peach and ginger. They’re frequently flavoured with spices, flowers and fruits to give it that extra punch. It makes your regular black tea a little more interesting.

Earl grey tea is a famous blend that’s a combination of rich and full-bodied Ceylon Single Origin Tea. It has a touch of Bergamot, a citrus fruit that is native to Calabria, Italy. We get why earl grey has such a distinct, strong flavour. It has all these elements that make it stand out. It has a slightly citrusy flavour too. Dilmah suggests that it’s best paired with popiah, Thai green curry, curry puffs and even Szechuan chicken dishes.

Lemon tea is another flavoured tea to try. It’s close to teh o’ ais limau, making it one of the go-to teas in Malaysia. Since lemon tea has a touch of tanginess, it’s best paired with tandoori chicken as the lemony flavour helps to bring out the flavour of tandoori. Chamomile tea can also go well with tandoori chicken and other roasted meat dishes that have heavier flavours.

Peach tea is a yummy choice as it has sweet and tangy peach notes. It’s a great choice when having sweet cakes or unsweetened pastries during your afternoon tea break!

Ginger and honey black tea is gentle, sweet and slightly spicy from the ginger. Not only are they good for soothing sore throats, they also pair well with sweet and sour chicken. It’s mild enough to be enjoyed with the flavourful dish.

White Tea

This is a subtle, smooth and silky kind of tea and it goes really well with light-flavoured food. It’s easy to drink and light enough to consume any time of the day when you don’t just want to drink plain water all day.

What to eat with white tea? Think cucumber salad or just about any appetiser. It’s great for when you’re just about to have your first heavy meal of the day.

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